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Symbol of class, history and machismo, Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for their thumping sounds and dominating feeling. The company started as a bicycle manufacturing unit in in England and in Enfield started experimenting with heavy bicycle frame with Read more The company started as a bicycle manufacturing unit in in England and in Enfield started experimenting with heavy bicycle frame with engine clamped to the frames. Prior to First World War, the company pre-fixed Royal to its name and supplied huge number of motorcycles to British army and Russian Government during the war. In India, Enfield forayed with Made-in-England imported motorcycles in Royal Enfield got a major break in the country when Government of India chose Royal Enfield Bullet as most suitable motorcycle for its Police and Army, for patrolling and commuting in remote areas.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 likely to make its debut at EICMA 2017

Under the new GST tax structure prices for bikes abobe cc has witnessed an increase of one per cent in tax. The cafe-race design make the bike look like a million bucks and the cc fuel-injected engine makes sure it has the go to match its show. The chassis, designed by Harris Performance, blesses the motorcycle with optimal stiffness and helps it handle like a dream.

that this will be the most expensive bike from Royal Enfield till date. Royal Enfield is expected to display the upcoming Royal Enfield Interceptor Interceptor is known as Royal Enfield Continental GT as reported by Overdrive. In addition to the frame, the engine of is rumoured to generate more than.

Royal Enfield. Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Leif Brynildsen. Determining production year. Hello, I am a new member and I have for only a few weeks been a Enfield-owner. Bought a bike from Madaan Motors in Dehli, supposed to be a Bullet , took 2 years to reach me Anyway, now it’s here, and last week I visited the auto-registry to do the paperwork, but with little success.

They said the could not verify the age of the bike from the very worn Indian vehicle document. The bike has two sets of numbers, both on engine and steering head.

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By Anderland , January 31 in Motorcycles. Although i still have to work on it quite a bit to get it running the way i want it, i really like this motorcycle! I found a german website which did shed a light on the history a little bit, but i could not fully understand every number and the way everything is connected. Oh dear Hello Jonas, welcome here, I’m sure Jan here will chime in, with more information you would ever think was imaginable, but a small note about the arrow and the numbers, M26 this is an inspectors stamping.

Levis, Norton, Royal Enfield up to , Scott, Triumph, Velocette pre RS frames and and either rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers.

Royal Enfield Interceptor is the next big bang from the Indian manufacturer. RE will be venturing into a new category for the first time. A cc twin sounds great. This is because a similar engine once powered RE bikes but was discontinued. However, this new engine is a contemporary one, which meets current emission norms as well.

There have been many delays for the launch of the bike. The Continental GT and the Interceptor have been launched together globally. This bike has been finally launched today. It will come in four trims. What all does the Royal Enfield Interceptor have?

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 review

The switch to a multi-cylinder engine, as well as a larger capacity bike in general, is a change Royal Enfield needed to make. OK, brand purists will know that a twin-cylinder bike bearing the Royal Enfield name is nothing new. V-twins of various capacities would continue to be offered through the pre-war years, but like in the post-war years, singles made up the bulk of Royal Enfield production.

Check out all new and upcoming Bikes that Royal Enfield has to offer! as a bicycle manufacturing unit in in England and in Enfield started experimenting with heavy bicycle frame with Read more. Launch Date September,

The Royal Enfield Bullet has the longest unchanged production run of any motorcycle having remained continuously in production since The Bullet has evolved from a four-valve engine with exposed valve-gear to the latest all-alloy unit construction engine with electronic fuel-injection. Introduced in as a four-stroke single cylinder motorcycle, this model was the first to feature the Bullet name.

However, common to motorcycles of this period, it had a rigid rear-end, necessitating a ‘sprung’ seat for the rider, which resulted in the iconic look of the motorcycle that is much replicated today, even though the sprung seat is unnecessary in modern models. This model refreshed Royal Enfield’s model line-up for It differed in cosmetic details, as well as in having two rocker boxes, which resulted in higher volumetric efficiency for the engine. The basic design with front girder forks was retained.

A number of changes were implemented in order to bring the bike up to date. This model featured a vertical engine with alloy head and higher compression. The frame was changed to a fully sprung design using a swing-arm with non-adjustable hydraulic shockers at the rear, while the front used a brand-new telescopic fork of Royal Enfield’s own design. This enabled the introduction of a bench seat made of simple foam and with no large springs. Power transmission was via the same four-speed Albion gearbox as the previous model, with a unique ‘neutral-finder’ lever the rider could press from any gear other than first to shift to neutral.

Royal Enfield date ? 495756

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the cafe racer fuel tank remains, whereas it features an all-new chassis, redesigned single leather saddle, and a drop bar type handlebar. as well.

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Royal Enfield Motorcycles

A very weird looking Royal Enfield was spotted testing by an Indianautosblog reader late last year. RE is resurrecting old names it once used and Trials is a by-product of the same ploy. The front is slightly altered and the fenders are smaller.

The box on this page tells you the address to email him your frame and engine numbers to find out how old your Royal Enfield is. Graham will.

Home Search Calendar Login Register. Login Register. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5. You guys seem to trust these lists in order to date bikes, but this is not reliable. This has given rise to a popular mis belief as to how many cc Interceptors were produced. It would appear this has been calculated by subtracting the lowest VAX number from the highest to come up with a figure of The Redditch ledgers do not record the prefix letters, but do indicate that there is NOT a definitive split between Constellation and Interceptor at They also record some of the machines with these engines as Super Meteor.

I have photos of 2 engine number stampings in the xx area that have VA as the prefix. These are recorded by Redditch as being Constellation and therefore contradict the published listings. They are not the only Constellations in what is supposedly the Interceptor number range. One of these listings states that Super Meteor and Constellation engines were supplied to Berkeley for use in their microcars.

Whilst this may well have been the intention when the engines were built, not all of them went to Berkeley and quite a number of were fitted to motorcycles at Redditch. I strongly recommend that these listings are used as guide only with caution.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 – All You Need To Know

A Royal Enfield bullet happened to end up in my hands, which was registered as a disposal vehicle from the Indian Army. The numbers engraved on the chassis and the engine took us for a ride as the design of the engine cover has a similar design of a G2 engine, but the format of the numbers are quite different from that found on the G2 Engine. Apart from that, below the fins on the left crank case further down to the number written there there are two protruding circular bulges, which we did not find on any of the G2’s that we happened to see.

So we guess that the Bullet would have been manufactured at least ten years prior to that date.

Here is another one. Recently Tom mentioned in the forum that some frames have a date stamped on the headstock on the opposite side of the serial number .

Royal Enfield Meteor is not launched in India yet. The upcoming motorcycle borrows styling cues from the Thunderbird but gets major revisions to its underpinnings and features. And finally, one such motorcycle has been spotted and that one is the soon-to-be-launched Meteor The Meteor is likely to be launched in the coming months and has been spotted testing with accessories loaded to the brim.

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Royal Enfield Bullet Custom build Part 3: Licence / Number Plate Holder Fabrication