eFootball PES 2020 Review

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FIFA non funziona?

Nessun problema rilevato su FIFA. Al momento, non abbiamo rilevato alcun problema su FIFA. Stai riscontrando problemi o un’interruzione? Lascia un messaggio nei commenti. Prenoto una vacanza a Siviglia e vi stupro tutte le figlie faccio un salto anche in Olanda, bastardi.

I have been crying about this find opponent problem like you in these PES forums since PES15 to PES16, Konami never care about PC players.

Users may be subject to temporary bans for breaking any of the main subreddit rules, at the sole discretion of the moderators. A full explanation of all rules can be found here. Like the previous year matchmaking in my region middleeurope is broken as hell. I don’t find any opponents even after many minutes of waiting. It was a mistake back then and I know it will frustrate me to again have no opponents to play against.

Konami, stop selling it in a region you can’t find any players or finally introduce crossplattform gaming!!! While I agree cross-platform play would be an awesome addition, I have no problems finding people, and I’m in Italy! Yeah because I already experienced this in PES and am dissapointed to see no acceptable improvement. Romania here, finding a game in the demo takes around minutes way more then in pes but it’s a fk demo..

I bought PES yesterday wanting to play online I hevent got one successful Matchmaking yet. So fucking disappointed. I want a full refund.

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Don’t call it a comeback. Actually, do – because this is the PES we’ve been waiting eight years for. To hear the collective sigh of millions of Pro Evolution Soccer players as they realise that, yes, the series is actually back into the realms of being really very good, is heartening. It’s been eight years since we’ve had a truly great PES game. When Konami’s football series made the jump to the last generation, it floundered, lost its footing and was only just recovering by the time this generation rolled around.

PES is the only gaming series I can think of that has a lost generation.

My pre-order for PES is in now which releases tomorrow and I can live with great gameplay minus the great presentation. [I hope they have fixed lag cheating.

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PES 2017 news: Konami unveils INCREDIBLE Man Utd and Liverpool player models

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Veracruz, Matchmaking, 14 ore fa Cosenza, Gioco online, 15 ore fa Per Pes le licenze non sono un problema con le patch,per Fifa invece le licenze sono un​.

As the European football season heads into its final stages, attention will soon turn to next, and with it, the release of FIFA While there has been no official confirmation on the release date for FIFA 21, based on previous releases, it can be safely assumed that the game will be available on the final Friday of September, which means we can expect FIFA 21 to hit the shelves on September The demo has traditionally been released two to three weeks prior, so expect the demo to be available from early to mid-September.

However, it is unlikely on the current devices for FIFA 21 to have cross-play capabilities, allowing users on different hardware to play each other. Improvements made to career mode Career mode has become one of the most important aspects of FIFA games in recent years, yet there has been a common complaint amongst gamers that this aspect is in need of an upgrade. While there were some upgrades to Career Mode in FIFA 20, it feels time for an overhaul to keep this feature from feeling too similar year after year.

What would be great is if FIFA 21 included some sort of matchmaking or ranking system which ensured teams went up against other teams of a similar ability. Upgrade in graphics It has become clear in recent editions of FIFA that the improvements in graphics and visuals have slowed, most likely as this generation of consoles near their ends.

While there are likely to be incremental improvements in FIFA 21, it is likely that a major jump in graphics will be reserved for the launch of the new consoles. The release dates of the Sony and Microsoft consoles are expected to be toward the end of the year — November or early December. Therefore, it is widely assumed FIFA 21 will be re-released on the new generation consoles, and while it is set to be the same game, there will be some clear upgrades in visuals, graphics, audio, and loading times.

FIFA 21: What can we expect and how will the PS5 and Xbox Series X affect next season’s game?

To be released in campaigns and other upcoming events. The face data for a number of players has been updated. A number of issues were fixed. Data for some teams, players, and managers has been updated.

Experiencing long matchmaking queues on the Dota 2 local servers? By Sillicur at Friday, September 25, AM nothing to do with MWEB’s side of things, as we have to wait on Valve for a fix to the issue. A lack of big licences as well as new features and multiplayer issues pushes PES into an offsid.

With less frenetic gameplay and equal focus on defence and attack, PES has built a reputation for being a more considered take on the beautiful game. Can Konami iron out the niggles that have previously stopped those growing tired of FIFA from jumping ship? Is it still annoying to play as a team called FV Green Black in a kit that looks like it was designed by George at Asda?

And can we get to the end of this review without using the F-word too much? With Barcelona and Bayern Munich also already onboard, the game has three of the biggest clubs in Europe covered, so the addition of Italian perma-champions Juventus and their Allianz Stadium is a no-brainer. The TV-style camera angle is also a triumph, giving it a real feeling of authenticity without just plastering the screen with all the right graphics. These names are, of course, all easily editable, although only Arsenal and Manchester United in England and Barcelona in Spain wear their proper kits.

This is a more patient approach to football than you tend to get from a certain other game, with defences tougher to break down and goalkeepers hard to beat. Unlocking a defence is all about taking risks. That said, counter-attacks do feel more effective than before. There are also new first-touch techniques, meaning players can gently lay the ball off, cushion headers into the path of teammates, or deftly scoop it over the head of opposition players in mid-air.

It makes for a brilliant range of ways to move the ball and open up space.

EA Sports opens up about FIFA 20 issues and outlines upcoming fixes following player outcry

It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Discussions Best Of June 15, AM. So i just came off the worst Weekend League in terms of connection issues like input delay,slow gameplay and such.

Since the last FIFA 20 patch, the team has been focused on optimizing the following issues: Button responsiveness: how quickly the game.

Euro isn’t happening until next year because of the coronavirus pandemic — but you can now play the tournament on PS4 and Xbox One as part of PES All 55 teams who entered Euro at the qualifying stage, including minnows such as Faroe Islands, San Marino and Andorra, are in the DLC with their current squads and kits.

You can play out the tournament with groups adjusted to your liking using the Euro match ball. Two of the competition’s biggest stadia, Wembley and St Petersburg, are also accurately re-created. However, a planned boxed edition of PES featuring new Euro specific artwork has been cancelled. This issue was triggered by using a Matchday team that differs from your Base Team. This issue was triggered by switching to a normal squad from a Club Edition Squad that differed from your Base Team.

The real-life Euro will now take place next summer, from 11 June to 11 July I have two kids who aren’t quite old enough to play Madden yet. Soon, though…. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

[PES 2015] How to fix Online Error ( Konami ID )